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Essential Digital Marketing Tactics for 2021

Salem Surround explains the essential digital marketing tactics your brand needs to use during 2021.

How Do I Increase My Online Presence?

Explore some of the top ways to increase your business’ online presence in 2021. Partner with Salem Surround for digital marketing solutions.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Time Spent with Audio?

The pandemic has encouraged many Americans to spend more time listening to the radio. Explore the statistics on time spent with audio with Salem Surround.

Podcast: Seize the moment… Don’t disappear!

How to stay engaged and grow your business in this challenging economy

Top Digital Marketing Mistakes to Stop Making in 2020

Are you committing the most common digital marketing mistakes of 2020? Our blog will help you find out.

Exploring Marketing Opportunities in Streaming Audio

Digital streaming audio presents an exciting platform for new marketing opportunities in 2020. Learn if it’s the right place for your message by reading our blog.

Podcast: Using "Flawed Authenticity" as a strategy

One proven effective strategy to earn the trust and loyalty of your ideal customers is your "Flawed Authenticity"… It's all about answering your "Why?"

Podcast: Effective Marketing Messaging

You have 5 seconds to succeed or fail with your message on any platform. It's all about the headline. Here's how Salem Surround will create a successful headline for your campaign.

Podcast: Digital Marketing Today…the Salem Surround Way

A 30 minute show focusing on the fundamentals, strategies, and tactics of successful digital marketing for small to medium businesses in both B2B and B2C platforms.

Top 10 Things Clients Should Consider BEFORE Making a Digital Marketing Decision

Digital marketing is an effective way to promote brands, products, and services. However, there are many channels available for digital marketing. In addition, there are so many possible approaches that it can be difficult to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy fit for your company. Before making any sort of digital marketing decisions, your company needs to know what it hopes to accomplish and what information it needs to reach those objectives.

How Do Digital Marketing Companies Differ from One Another?

The days are long gone when all a company needed was a basic website and some custom business cards. These days, in order to compete with thousands of similar companies, every brand needs a comprehensive digital marketing plan. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource your digital marketing needs to experts who understand how to drive traffic and boost conversion rates. But how do you choose the right digital marketing experts? There are several key ways in which digital marketing companies differ from each other. You can use the following guide to help you choose the best digital marketing firm for your brand's needs.

2019 Holiday Marketing Trends to Start Implementing Now

The holiday season is a season of spending, which means it’s probably an essential time for your business’s annual sales. Therefore, your holiday marketing efforts should not be an afterthought. Now is the time to ramp up your digital campaign for the holidays, so you can have a profitable winter season. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at the following marketing trends for the 2019 holiday season.

Adding Audio to Your Digital Campaign

When you think of digital marketing, your first thoughts probably gravitate toward web design, blogs, banner ads, and the occasional YouTube video. However, to truly succeed in digital marketing, you must manage your campaign with consideration to all possible touchpoints for your customers to discover your brand. Digital audio is one underutilized and frequently overlooked aspect of digital marketing that can accelerate your brand and continue to drive your search results.

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