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What Email Can Do for Your Marketing Goals

A successful marketing strategy is one that utilizes multiple channels or platforms, and engages with the target audience wherever they research, browse, and shop. Email is one of those crucial channels through which marketers can drive conversions through strategic informational and promotional advertisements. If your business isn’t yet using email marketing, you’re missing out on quite a few benefits.

Signs That You Need Help with Your Digital Presence

Years ago, digital marketing was seen as a novelty. It was a luxury to have a business website, let alone a digital marketing strategy that included components like emailed newsletters and search engine ads. These days, businesses can’t effectively compete without a digital presence, website analytics, and comprehensive marketing tactics.

Changes to the Consumer Buying Journey

The consumer buying journey is a conceptual framework that enables marketers to identify and capitalize on touch points. Each touchpoint is an interaction between a consumer and a brand. By making touch points work for them, marketers can influence the purchasing decision that the consumer makes at the end of the buying journey. However, the traditional model of the consumer buying journey is undergoing some significant changes.

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2022 Salem Media,
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